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SAHASRAA Contracting & Consulting Venture

We are a private organization that strives to bring the schemes of central and state governments to the masses. We handle various projects. As part of digitization, there is also a plan to include farmers in Kerala in the Kisan Sabha application. Through another of our schemes, zero balance accounts with nationalized banks are available free of charge to all 18-year-olds to be a part of Digital India. We are proud to be a part of 4G to 5G upgradation and to provide EV charging station in collaboration with NAYARA / TATA Electric. We conduct surveys as part of agencies like Ayushman Bharat, Swachh Bharat Mission, csc and CCIICT. We request you to join us in our efforts to make common man a part of Digital India.

Our Mission

Delivering the best service to the maximum number of people in the shortest period of time for public service

Our Vision

To enable our people to catch up with the advancing world with higher productivity and thereby achieve self-sufficiency

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